Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Aashisha Chakraborty

Our Sky

Aashisha Chakraborty

The Heavens

I wish you would paint me one of those pictures of the seven heavens,
Where you and I could be one constellation.
Your sun-shaped love scintillating my endless sky,
Speckling it with stars of senses and feelings.
If I could be something, I would be a burning star,
Flaming with the fires of our love.
If I had to die, I would die as the charred remains of our promises...

New Dawn

A scarcely blinking light
Throws into shadow your face,
Otherwise lit by a thousand deeds of the days past.
The shadow lifts at dawn,
Slow and sure,
But unreckoning, unseeming,
Unknowing of the varied selves and the number of lives you lead within it.
The dawn breaks like an orange peeled open,
Its juices pouring forth.
The light.
The light leaking.
Leaking out in bits and spurts.
And finally shaping into a halo around your head.
The morning sees you worship it,
You with your ever open arms
Your tired and expectant hands. 
With a prayer on your lips.
A prayer for the old and the new.
The old folks and the new times.
It's a new dawn.
A new day.
Your day.

Our Circles

Away and beyond, spiraling away,
Navigating to unknown spaces and unseen spheres
Drawing a circle about myself,
Drawing in some,
Drawing away others
And within my radius; sometimes, I see you.
On some solitaire voyages, I can feel your vibes.
At times, pronounced, very near.
At others, feeble, faint, like the remnants of a dying star.
Freewheeling across the galaxies of the mind,
Our circles touch and move apart.
Repelled and attracted, fearing and afraid,
In and out, towards and away,
The forces beckon,
And I hope…
For our trajectories to somehow collide
So I can feel you again
So I can try and grip you
Trap you, contain you and never let you go.
In the common area between our circles,
Maybe we will find our essences?
Maybe someday our circumferences will slide onto each other,
Fitting snugly, comfortably,
Like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
Like bespoke suits.
Till then, I will swivel around
Dreaming of our circles
Wandering in the lost universe
Like so many alien rings
And per chance, I find you
I will slow down and halt,
And stow away my compass then
My navigation at an end.

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